CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x8C8B57F82b662553B2BdD053c7154Fe1821cC9C4



EPIC token holders are not only rewarded through static
rewards but also through fluid buyback and burns
from within the liquidity pool.

EpicBuy Has Arrived!
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    EpicBuy is the world's first Fluid BuyBack, Hyper Deflationary Coin!

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    Every buy gives you more with Fluid Buys and static rewards.

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    Every sell is taxed higher giving more to holders and Fluid Buys.

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    When Fluid Buys are turned on, the contract automatically buys back and burns tokens after every sell.

Key Stats

Current Price

Market Cap

AntiWhale Sell Amount

Cool Down Time Period

What are FluidBuys?

Fluid Buys are an innovative function that are hard coded into the smart contract. We are circumventing the traditional loopholes that buy back tokens have and making ours exploit-free.

The Fluid Buys are built to mathematically adjust as the volume changes in order to maintain maximum stability and buy pressure. These variable type of buy backs are based off a 24 hour interval using maximum algorithmic buy pressure based off transaction analytics.

Fluid Buys are an advanced technological improvement from automatic buy backs and also more advanced and secure than manual buy backs. This is what truly makes $EPIC your most Epic Buy ever.

Sell Cool Down

The Sell Cool Down for EpicBuy is a powerful feature. Have you ever been part of an investment that you saw in the red? Then you buy the dip thinking you got a deal and it continues to dip. Oftentimes you can see the exact wallet dumping all of their tokens as you sit there helpless, watching your investments and gains reduce in value in a matter of minutes. The largest issue is when it triggers a panic sell and despite solid fundamentals, more people sell thinking it’ll just continue going down.

This is where the innovation of sell cool down helps you and the protocol. Epic Crypto Asset is protected by a Sell Cool Down starting at 30 minutes. When it’s triggered, whoever is selling off gets revoked for 30 minutes in order to settle the nerves and reduce sell pressure. This greatly limits the chances of having a panic sell happen with $EPIC. Also it stops people from dumping too much too fast and having slippage negatively affect the Market Cap.

This also insures that private investors who came in earlier don’t sell off and also that the team shares can’t be dumped. The SCD protects all investors.

Current Sell Cool Down:


Our anti-whale built into the EpicBuy smart contract is smarter than anti-whales built on other protocols. Some anti-whale we’ve seen are too broad. We’ve made the Epic Anti-Whale more sophisticated and able to really reduce the sell percentage to eliminate downward pressure on the market cap.

We’ve also run into the issue of having an anti-whales limit buys since the buys and sells are tied to the same execution. With our unique anti-whale we are not limiting buy orders. Only sell orders will be limited by the anti-whale function. This enables users to buy larger portions of $EPIC while reducing the price impact on sell orders.

Increasing slippage on buy orders and decreasing limits on sell orders are one of the reasons this project will be your most epic buy.

Max Sell Amount: EPIC

How to Buy EpicBuy

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Download TrustWallet

Simply visit TrustWallet & download the application

The app is secure and widely used in the DeFi market.
Remember to never share your seed phrase!

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Fund Your Wallet

Purchase BNB or BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to fund your

These coins are used in the Binance Smart Chain.

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Enable Trust Browser (iPhones only)

Visit PancakeSwap on your mobile browser.

Click connect on the top right corner of the page. Click WalletConnect, and select Trust Wallet. This will open up the app. Confirm on Trust Wallet and head back to your mobile browser.

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Swap For EpicBuy

Select exchange from the dropdown menu on the left. Click
’Select a currency’ & enter the contract address (posted at the
top of our website). Set your slippage to 15%.

Click ‘Select a currency’ & enter the contract address. ‍*Set your
slippage to 15%



Transaction Fee Breakdown

Buy Fees




Sell Fees





EpicBuy Features
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EpicBuy undergoes audits by Boba Group, TechRate, Hacken.

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$EPIC liquidity locked in Rice Locker.

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EpicBuy has Fluid BuyBacks built into the contract that can't be timed by bots.

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EpicBuy has a sales tax that gives more reflections to holders and Fluid Buys.

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EpicBuy Holders will receive reflections.

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Tap Security 24/7 Surveillance (ongoing).


EpicLocker is on the roadmap that will be our launchpad.

In the meantime all of our liquidity will be locked in the Rice Locker. Moreover, you can be sure your funds are safe as Tap Security 24/7 Surveillance is ongoing for the project. We've agreed to allow Fuzion Team and Boba Group to perform audits to the strictest degree in order to ensure user and investor safety.

Stay tuned for more info on EpicLocker, it's going to be a great addition to the project!



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    EpicBuy - Hyper Deflationary Store of Value

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    Marketing push + Airdrops for EpicBuy

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    EpicFarm - Yield Farming Platform (FEPIC)

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    Jan-March 2022

    Marketing push + Airdrops for EpicFarm

  • star-icon

    April-May 2022

    EpicNFTs - Epic NFT Marketplace & Original NFT minting

  • star-icon

    June-July 2022

    Marketing push + Airdrops for EpicSwap

  • star-icon

    August-October 2022

    EpicBank - Lending Platform (BEPIC)

  • star-icon

    November-December 2022

    Marketing push + Airdrops for EpicBank

  • star-icon

    Jan-March 2023

    EpicDollar - Stablecoins Protocol (eDollar)

  • star-icon

    April-May 2023

    Marketing push + Airdrops for EpicDollar

  • star-icon

    June-July 2023

    CEX Listing - Binance, Coinbase, etc

  • star-icon

    August-October 2023

    EpicComp - Compound Fork (CEPIC)

  • star-icon

    November-December 2023

    Marketing push + Airdrops for EpicComp

  • star-icon

    January-March 2024

    EpicPrivacy - Privacy Protocol (PEPIC)

  • star-icon

    April-May 2024

    Marketing push + Airdrops for EpicPrivacy

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    June-August 2024

    Blockchain Migration to Fuzion, Polygon, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, Solana

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    Epeek - Decentralized Twitter on Fuzion Chain

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    List on Fuzion’s Synapse Hard Wallet for easy crypto to fiat transfers

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